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Batteries are the most important elements in isolated photovoltaic installations, representing approximately 40% of the initial investment. For this reason and in order to ensure the correct functioning and maintenance of the system you wish to implement, it is essential that you choose the right model, either for GEL or AGM (sealed) batteries.

2V elements

2V elements are perfect for implementing isolated photovoltaic systems, since they have a shell life of up to 3000 cycles at 50% discharge depth, support voltage drops, and are capable of delivering up to 33% of their rated capacity, among many other advantages.


Lithium batteries have revolutionized the photovoltaic industry in the world thanks to their high energy density that allows greater storage of energy in a reduced space. Lithium batteries weigh only 20% of their lead/acid equivalent and are much more efficient in the charging process, harnessing almost 100% of the energy produced in that process. Additionally, this is a technology with zero hydrogen emission, which makes it perfect for the food handling and pharmaceutical industries. Even when the initial investment is high, the value per kWh supplied is much lower than that of any other battery model, since lithium batteries have a shell life of 6000 cycles.

12V monoblock batteries

12V monoblock batteries are the best solution for small systems. These elements have flat positive plates, which significantly reduce the initial investment, but limit the battery’s shell life to 400-900 cycles, implying periodic replacement. These batteries have a maximum capacity of 235 Ah, allowing to store only up to 11 nominal kWh in a single 48V bank.