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Forklifts for
virtually every need


Crown Electric Forklifts feature the most robust chassis and strongest drive unit on the market to meet the requirements of the most basic to the most intense applications while ensuring exceptional component durability.

Electric Stacker

Electric forklifts are used in a myriad of applications. Crown's versatile range of electric forklifts cover all needs. They feature the award-winning X10® tiller giving the operator absolute control and safety.

pallet trucks

Designed for the intense rates of loading / unloading of loading docks and merchandise transport in medium routes. Their compact size and price give them a clear advantage in terms of practicality and suitability for many applications compared to a fully equipped pallet truck.

Turret Trucks

Crown turret trucks equipment has been designed to operate in the narrowest aisles (1.8 meters) and the most demanding heights (17 meters) in order to offer the highest level of productivity and flexibility.

Tow tractor

The TR 4500 pull tractor has been designed with extremely high performance such as e-Gen® reverse brakes and the X10 control tiller, giving the operator a very high level of control and safety for the operations you need.

Order pickers

Crown offers a full range of medium and high level order pickers. All equipped with Access 123 control system and equipment depending on model with patented "Crown Regen" energy regeneration system to optimize battery performance.