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Aisle Master

Aisle Master

The articulated forklift that does it all

Designed to be an all-in-one storage lift, Aisle Master offers more efficient unloading, handling and storage.

Aisle Master equipment is rugged, versatile and built to last. Designed to withstand intensive indoor and outdoor use, each rugged VNA articulated forklift is manufactured to the highest standards.

Aisle Master Electric

Reduced Energy Consumption All Aisle-Master electric models now benefit from AC technology as standard. This places the company firmly at the forefront of battery powered technology in the articulated sector.

Increase storage by up to 50%

The Combilift Aisle-Master is a masterpiece of innovation, combining the features of multiple models and offering the performance of a counterbalanced forklift and a VNA forklift.

Operating in aisles as narrow as 1.6 meters, the Aisle-Master offers up to 15 meters of vertical reach with left, right and front load capacity, as well as virtually silent operation.

The rugged construction and heavy-duty wheels mean that the Aisle-Master can operate outdoors in semi-rough terrain, eliminating the need for double lifting, reducing fleet size and improving truck to rack transfer speed. The ergonomic design ensures maximum efficiency and operator comfort.