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Baggage tractors

The TLD JET-16 Electric Baggage Tractor is becoming the new standard in zero emission solutions that suit a wide range of applications, from airport baggage handling to industrial uses.

JET-16 offers a drawbar pull force ranging from 1,600 daN (3,600 lbf) to 2,000 daN (4,500 lbf). Its AC technology allows progressive acceleration, high speed over long distances and excellent towing performance in general.

The JET-16 is made of a heavy-duty, one-piece chassis to withstand severe operating conditions. The spacious and ergonomic driver's station, excellent maneuverability and efficient suspension provide comfort, safety and ease of use for operators. With its simple design and higher reliability, JET-16 is the best solution to reduce operating costs.


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High dragging capacity: 6.000 KG - 25.000 KG

Airport and industrial use

Electric and combustion versions are available